De Analytica

A physical mechanism that camouflages the human behaviours. It aims to generate identical yet fake behavioural surplus to feed the centralised AI system. Useless data wastes the computing power of AI and fool the prediction of personality, emotion, consumption choice, etc., thus effects the credibility of the personalised advertisement system which is the core of the Internet today, to actively devalue the behavioural surplus to balance the reciprocity.
The critical position - work and leisure

Through entertainment, labour was hidden behind play. Through Play, we are labouring ourselves.

The experience of using digital products became more immersive and addictive, which bonds the users to generate more behavioural surplus.

The actual customers of the centralised AI platform, like Facebook, are other enterprises rather than users of the platform. The increasing behavioural surplus was used to benefit their ‘real customers’, which turns the users into unpaid immaterial labour who are exploited.

Thus, the reciprocity was destroyed. Users are quantified data mines meanwhile offering labour to dig the mines themselves.

Medium: MDF, Acrylic, Ready-made components
Size: 300*200*200mm


Claude Duston
Spyros bofylatos
Pietro Bardini
Rohan Kakad
Colby Wong
Wang Yutong
Nathan Young
Patrick Poss
Jingyi Zhou
Rowena Lu
Tong Su
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