Small devices

It is a continuing project about making something useful with limited resources in hand.

It is also a process of handling techniques like 3d modelling, 3d printing and etc., and about experimentation to testify ideas in real life.

I set some principles for the project:

  1. The device should be an easy fix.
  2. The device should be optimised to be 3d printed.
  3. The device should help me to understand the gap between ideas and physical world.
  4. The device should help me to understand more about 3d modelling and printing.

  5. Think less, do more.
  6. Kill a bit time.
  7. Have some fun.

1. Joint
Jun. 2023
It holds the timber or other materials without damaging them meanwhile offering portability for transportation of the overall structure.

It is potentially more sustainable due to its homogeneous material used on each kind of functional parts and it is designed to be dissembled easily.

It requires less making process.
It uses standerd components.
It requires less on heavy machinery.
It is able to be produced locally.
It offers flexibility.

2. Wire Holder
Feb. 2023
It is a series of wire holders that is scalable by changing only one parameter to fit different round table leg diameters.

3. A Faucet Handle for a Broken Kitchen
May. 2023

4. The Lamp Shade for a Lamp I Picked up on the Street
May. 2023
The original broken lamp shade doe not fit in the space, so I build a cylinder with one side being cut off.

It also tests the capability of the printer printing with 2 layers thickness and maximum height.

5. Pen Holder
May. 2023
It holds
Black pen 0.35mm
Red pen 0.5mm
Pencil 0.5mm
Grey Highlighter 4mm

6. Handle-hooks

Nov. 2023
A system for drying cloths when living in a small studio with no drying machine, no space for a drying rack.

Besides, it makes opening cabinets a lot easier.

7. Hanger Replacement

Nov. 2023
My bags and clothes never fall from the IKEA hanger again.

8. Incense Burner

Nov. 2023
An ‘open source’ incense burner based on Nippon Kodo incense package.

It hides a lighter underneath.

9. Objects Holder above a Small Basin

Dec. 2023
There is a metal hook above the extremely small basin in the London studio.

I designed a platform hooked on the metal hook to hold my stuff.

10. Drain Cover
Jan. 2024
A Drain cover for a broken and clogged shower drain in a London studio.

Press it. Twist it. Lock it.

Medium: PLA, Pine wood

May.2023 - Feb.2024

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