A mirrored paradoxical functional pair of handles.

Further Text

The object which is the target of the handle has been removed. Now the handle became the object of the other handle.

A handle is an interface of human body and the object. Through handles, human hand operates the tool. The handle is designed to help to make efforts as a part of a whole product. Now the new product became paradoxical. The function of the handle is to handle the other handle. Both handles fulfills each others predesigned functions - they are both subjects and objects. The meaning of interacting with them has converted into non-productivity - functional useless.

The screw hole is designed to fasten the handle and the object. Now through the same hole, handles are being fastened properly together.

The handle has the tendency of connecting to other objects which is the one of the purposes of a medium. Yet in this scenario, the tendencies has been mirrored pointing to each other side.


Medium: Ready Made Products
Size: 200*30*80mm