Temporary digital interfaces engraved into permanent materials.
The critical position

It disturbs the perception - the familiarity of the pair of screen and information. It detached the digital interface from the screen - the glass.

The materiality of screen has been alterd. The information designed with immateriality obtained depth and weight in this case.

The information is the data storage. Data storage is interface itself. It is also with the standpoint of reflecting on the immaterial trend of technology. It costs no time to generate the digital page which you will never access again after closed it. Yet, the valueless page existed in seconds was documented into stone and it leaves Anthropological traces.

It is also a reflection on medium. It detached the functionality behind the interface - jumping to next one or linking to others. Thus the 'design' of the interface exposed.


Medium: Marble, Limestone, Granite
Size: 80*200mm