PASED (Put The Ass Somewhere Else Device) is a device.
It allows users put a specific part of their body (ass) somewhere else.

It is a tool. Its function being fulfilled through turning its attachment into an object for supporting the subject - human. Thus the tool is for human enhancing or for objectifying others.

‘Somewhere else’ indicates the functionality of this ‘device’ is displaced into some unexpected contexts - It is not a chair and not for the behaviour of ‘siting’ as ‘siting on the chair’.

The meaning of object has been altered.
The target of PASED is being objectified for supporting the human body.

The meaning of the human behaviour has been altered.
‘Siting’ became a behaviour of putting the ass somewhere else.

Further text
PASED begins with the irony of our inescapable anthropocentric present.

"The world is beneath your ass." This irony is both revolting and cynical. Design as human agency implements the the irony.

PASED is part of an exploration within the context of "The Disciplined Nature." The research investigates the complexities of human-nonhuman relationships in an alternative way.

Non-humans are converted into available resources for humans. We "materialise" others. I defined the "Human Gaze" through my research in 2019-2020 to describe this phenomenon. As an analogy to the "Male Gaze" which discusses male-female relationships, the ‘Human Gaze’ objectifies non-humans, whether consciously or unconsciously. For example, when we see a horse, we think of it for riding; when we think about a cow, the image of a steak comes to mind; an apple is considered delicious; a flower is seen as beautiful, and so on.


Medium: Wood, Ready Made Products
Size: 400*300*800mm